The voice of Tiara

I’m not ashamed to be judgemental when it comes to child beauty pageants. The idea of dressing up little girls like mini-adults, with make-up and all, seems preposterous, if not outright perverted, to me. Have you ever wondered what happens to a girl once she outgrows her claim to fame and is confronted with having to cope in the real world?

A puzzling question—one that drove me to explore the psychological damage those kids experience (make no mistake, they do). Luckily I had the guidance of a well-known juvenile forensic psychiatrist who works with inmates of a youth penitentiary. Out of that research, Tiara was born in my head, and had to be brought to paper. Sure, she is a fictitious character, and sure what happens to her is extreme and does not happen to all the pretty little girls…but it might.

I write thrillers for entertainment… so, be entertained by my fictitious take on a ruthless child-exploitation industry catering to ruthless fame-crazy parents.

While writing, Tiara somehow took over the story, surprising me with her resilience, her unusual approach to cope with her past, her strength in fighting for what is right. I began to love her—and after reading her story and hearing her voice in your head, I hope you’ll love her too.

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